Why Hire us for Your Gutter Installation

Your gutters play an important role in your home’s exterior – protecting your siding and landscaping from water damage and erosion.  In order for them to do their job, your gutters must be installed properly.  Gutter professionals know how to install gutters accurately so that your home will be protected from water damage.

You may think you can take on the job of installing gutters yourself and save some money and time by doing so.  In reality, gutter installation is hard work and can cost you more money and time in the long run and can be a hazard to your safety.  Below are reasons why you should hire Brothers Gutters LLC to do you job

Contractors are Insured and Certified

We are professional contractors and have insurance and Oregon Construction License our CCB number is 235349 . This means one less thing to worry about during your gutter installation. In case the contractor gets into an accident or causes damage to your home during the project, you don’t have to worry about the costs.

It’s Not as Easy as It Looks

Think that installing gutters is easy? Think again. Gutter installation requires technical expertise like any roofing project. If you install the gutters incorrectly, water may not flow properly to the downspouts. In the end, your gutters may become useless during heavy rain and snow or even detach completely.

Protect your home

Gutters are your first line of defense against water damage to your home and play a vital role in your roof system. Gutters carry away the water landing on your roof when it rains, sometimes thousands of gallons in a large storm. All of this water has to be moved away from your roof, home and foundation as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to prevent what could be thousands of dollars of damage.

We are local

Both Stacey and Bob have ground up in the Newport area, they attended school here. The support the local community. They know the area and own homes in the area.

Professionals Can Customize Gutters to Fit Your Home

If you choose to install the gutters yourself, that means buying the materials yourself at your local hardware store.  The gutters come in sections that will be joined together to stretch the length of your roof.  Installing gutters that come in sections means there will be visible seams which run the risk of leaking.

When choosing a professional team to install gutters, you’re able to reap the benefits of seamless gutters which you couldn’t get otherwise.  Professional gutter companies bring all the materials to your house and most can even create seamless gutters on-site that are custom made to fit your house.  Seamless gutters are great because they look better than gutter sections put together and they’re less likely to leak or separate.